What to check before choosing a Bowie Knife?

To collect a Bowie Knife is a dream come true for all Knife aficionados. The Bowie Knife as the name itself suggests was named after Jim Bowie who created a niche in history for this knife as back as in 1827. As the history goes, in the famous Mississippi Sandbar Fight, in spite of being seriously wounded himself, Jim Bowie was able to disarm and injure his opponents only because of the bowie knife he was carrying. This incident got reported in the local news and the popularity of Bowie Knives increased overnight.

What are the characteristics of a Bowie Knife?
The Bowie Knife was conceptualized so as to cover three main things: defence, manageability and transportability. The Bowie Knife primarily is quite similar in looks as a war sword with a heavy blade. More detailed description about bowie knife can be read at the site: knifetribe.com.

Though at first appearance it may look like a butcher’s knife to many but the difference between the bowie knife and a butcher’s knife lies in it’s clipped edges. Besides, the bowie knife comes with a large and a fixed blade and a hand guard. These features give the bowie knife the required self defence structure required so that it can disembowel the opponent with a single powerful slash.

What to check before choosing a Bowie Knife for collection?
Not only due to its mention in several literary masterpieces and Hollywood films, authentic bowie knives has been in great demand as collector’s edition. But,you have to be sure of two things before ensuring that the knife you are collecting is a real bowie knife.

Here’s listing the points to make things easier:

• Material: Originally the Bowie Knives were made by the local blacksmiths using “carbon steel” because not only blades made up of carbon steel were sharp itself but sharpening of Bowie Knives was also easy. Therefore, those interested in buying an authentic bowie knife must choose the carbon steel material.

• Blade Length: Authentic bowie blades have a fixed length of 9.5 inches. The blades are the most striking feature of the bowie knives. It comes with several unique designs, one completely different from the other. Although nowadays, the makers make bowie knives which are of different lengths but any knife whose length is less than 5 inches should not be considered as a Bowie Knife.

The Bowie Knife with its glorious history is a living legend in itself. Just keep in mind the details before choosing a Bowie Knife and you could also be a proud owner of an authentic bowie knife.